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April 2024: SDLA & Ware Malcomb Blood Drive

In our efforts to help our community and give back, we decided to help save a life by giving blood. We co-hosted a Blood Drive with Ware Malcomb on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2024, and we were excited with the turnout of eager volunteers. Several San Diego Lighting Associates and Ware Malcomb members stepped up to give blood, as well as others from our local community.

The American Red Cross was an incredible group to work with, making the process easy and fun. They arrived in a decked-out bus ready to make us comfortable as we gave blood in hopes to save lives. The staff was fantastic and kept us smiling and laughing as they collected each pint. Snacks and juice were of course included and SDLA provided some fun treats as well (can you say Randy’s Donuts) to keep people energized for the rest of the day. We were happy to have over 25 potential blood donors, ultimately collecting 19 pints of blood, 2 more pints then our goal of 17 pints. Fun fact. For every one (1) pint of blood, you can save up to three lives. We collected enough to potentially save 57 lives. Congrats team! A big thank you to all who participated.

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